It’s Fall Y’all!

Just showing off baby artwork! The leaves were done with tissue paper and contact paper. The pumpkins were tape resist painting. I taped a pumpkin cut out onto black cardstock and then let them pat the paint around it. The owls and the trees were finger painted. The sunflowers were made with a toilet paper…

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Cat Architecture

“Savage Chickens” is one of my favorite internet comics. I especially love his cat drawings. Today’s is a good one. I guarantee Gidgette and Ivory (and the Kousins) would love a cat house like that. Heck, I’d love a house like that, especially if it came with a bunch of cats.

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Link Roundup #9

Taylor Swift Proudly Comes Out as an Official ‘Cat Lady’ Do Cats Know Their Names Or Are They Ignoring Us On Purpose? Group of Strangers Save Falling Pregnant Cat, Earn Reward in Dubai Cat and Dog Duo Scoot Their Way to a Guinness World Record Kleptokitty Tigger and Snorri Snorluson – Cat Burglars and Their…

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A Girl and Her Cat

This was taken after a marathon brushing session with Gidgette. You can see the hair that came off of her sitting on the coffee table. I swear, there was enough hair their to make another cat (or a very luxurious toupee).

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Gidgette in the Sun

The sun was shining into the living room right before I went back to work this afternoon. Ivory was on the couch chillaxing in a sunny spot. Gidgette was sunbathing on the floor. All of a sudden, she started rolling around just trying to soak in all of the beautiful sunlight. I could help but…

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Another Race?

Sure, why not. I just signed up for the Pigskin Classic 5K. It’s another race that goes through Downtown Cleveland. This one’s a little better in that it starts at 10:00 AM. Then I guess you’re supposed to head over to the Dive Bar (that’s it’s name) to watch the Ohio State – Michigan football…

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I Did It!!!

On October 23rd, I did my first 5K. I had planned to do one in July, but ended up doing the 1 mile fun “run” (or walk in my case) because I had hurt my knee. It was a miserable, chilly, drizzly day on the shore of Lake Erie, but that didn’t stop me and…

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