As I was going to Burlington last weekend, I looked up and saw a beautiful sunset. I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures. It reminded me to stop and relax.

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On Wednesday, July 3rd, I went to Blossom Music Center to heat the Blossom Festival Band play their annual Salute to America concert. It really was an awesome evening of music and fun. After the music, there was a fireworks display. Here are some of the better shots I caught that night.

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White on White

I caught Ivory napping on my Dad’s bed which is covered with a white blanket. I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures. One thing I really enjoy doing is using iPhone photo editors to create “works of art” with my somewhat mediocre photos. Here are a few examples. Most of the editors I use are…

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Introducing….. Ivory

This is Ivory, better known as “Little One “. She is a pure Turkish Angora. She has green almond shaped eyes to go along with her luxurious white hair. I also got Ivory when I lived in South Korea. So, like Gidgette, she is almost 10. She is a princess. And believe me, she knows…

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Introducing….. Gidgette!

This is Gidgette. She’s an almost 10 year old shorthair mixed breed (AKA “a mutt”). I adopted her when I lived in South Korea. I already had one kitty (you’ll meet her soon). I went to the vet and saw this adorable little girl. After talking with the vet for a few minutes, he told…

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Hi!  I’m Kathryn, and I’m one Mighty Kool Kat!  This is a place for me to share pictures, stories and videos about my Mighty Kool Kats, Gidgette and Ivory.  You also may see a brief appearance from my brother’s cats, Peanut, Bowie and Elvis. I’m excited to have my own little corner of the internet.…

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