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Let It Snow!

For the last few weeks here in Cleveland we’ve been promised snow storms. It appears that the third time was indeed the “charm”. The last two times, we had predictions in excess of six inches. We not nothing. This time, it started snowing Sunday night. When I woke up on Monday morning, there was nearly…

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Ballet Cat

I saw Ivory standing by the cat tower the other day. When I looked at her feet, her front paws looked like they were in second position. As soon as I took the picture, she shifted into first position. She is a lady of many talents.

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It’s Fall Y’all!

Just showing off baby artwork! The leaves were done with tissue paper and contact paper. The pumpkins were tape resist painting. I taped a pumpkin cut out onto black cardstock and then let them pat the paint around it. The owls and the trees were finger painted. The sunflowers were made with a toilet paper…

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A Girl and Her Cat

This was taken after a marathon brushing session with Gidgette. You can see the hair that came off of her sitting on the coffee table. I swear, there was enough hair their to make another cat (or a very luxurious toupee).

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I Did It!!!

On October 23rd, I did my first 5K. I had planned to do one in July, but ended up doing the 1 mile fun “run” (or walk in my case) because I had hurt my knee. It was a miserable, chilly, drizzly day on the shore of Lake Erie, but that didn’t stop me and…

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Up and Over

Shadow is very athletic, as many outdoor cats tend to be. He he is going up and over my brother’s neighbor’s fence. It’s your average fence, probably 4 feet high. He makes it look like nothing. Alas, he fence jumping, bug chasing days are over. He went to the vet the other day and is…

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Apple Bulletin Board

I try to rotate the bulletin board over my changing table every few months. Since it’s fall, I decided to go with an apple theme. Well, that’s not totally true. I found the apple boarder at Dollar Tree and knew I had to do something with it. I used to say that I don’t have…

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Naughty Girl Action

Ivory rarely jumps up on the kitchen counter. That was more of Gidgette’s thing (before the arthritis). Gidgette was known to jump up there and steal an entire hotdog. I caught Ivory up there the other night. I think there was a fly buzzing around that caught her attention. I caught her in this awesome…

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