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Resolution Race

I’m behind in positing my 5K race results. My New Year’s Resolution is to do one 5K per month. We’re now in March and I’m 3/3. On New Year’s Eve, there was the Resolution Run at Crocker Park. I finished 345 out of 384. Overall, I was happy with my time. I think it was…

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Duo Loves Cats

I’ve been studying Spanish for almost a year via Duolingo. The sentences they use often feature cats in one way or another. I’ve been screenshotting the cat ones, because, well, cats.

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International Cat Day 2022

It’s International Cat. Actually, here in the Marks house, everyday is International Cat Day. Everyone knows that cats rule the world. We humans are here only to serve our feline overlords. Here are two recent pictures of my two overlords. They have such a rough life, don’t they? I’m off to feed the princesses their…

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Pensive Kitty

I think this is Ivory’s favorite place to hangout during the day. At night she likes to sleep on top of my torso or on top of my head. Cats are gonna cat.

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So Naughty

Ivory never used to get up on tables. Not so anymore. She’s been doing it more and more. I think she was looking at my parent’s wedding pictures. But who knows. Cats are going to cat.

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Link Roundup #10

Stop the TikTok Madness Mom Grounded Her Kids For Opening Front Door-Until… A Cat’s-Eye View of Japan Magical Cat “Crazy Cat People,” Explained India tiger on ‘longest walk ever’ for mate and prey Cats Wear Hats Made From Their Own Fur Fat Cat Art Gallery

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Clothes Shopping…

…In Cleveland in February. …in Cleveland in June. I was just at Walmart yesterday and the bathing suits are on clearance, just 4 days after the first day of summer. I’m surprised there weren’t any coats out. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture.

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