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My favorite color is purple. I have my own psychological/color theory why this is. But that’s neither here nor there. Flowers are a bloomin’. I found some incredible purple wildflowers in the park. If anyone knows what they are, leave me a comment. These are a tree. I think they’re pretty common flowering trees. We…

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Social Distancing at the Park

I went to the Big Creek Reservation of the Clevland MetroParks. It was the first time I’ve been to that particular park. There were ducks. All but one were mallards. And then there were Canada geese. Two of them. With four goslings. The goslings were fuzzy. Cuteness overload! I took so many pictures. Plus I…

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Spring is Springing

The calendar says spring is here.  The flowers say spring is here.  These are the two little flower gardens in front of our house.  And yes, those are snowflakes in the front window.  I keep forgetting to take them down.  Actually, the Christmas tree is still up in the basement.  It makes me smile.  And…

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