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Spring in Cleveland. At least it didn’t accumulate beyond this. By the afternoon, the temperature was in the 40s. Still, I used the weather as an excuse to stay inside and read, study and watch tv. Oh yeah. I did a workout video as well. It isn’t going to last long. We’re supposed to get…

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My Barbell

This is hanging on the wall in my brother’s garage gym. My dad and brothers all went in together at Christmas to get me my own barbell. I’ve been using my brother, Billy’s, this whole time. And it works perfectly. But it is designed for a man’s hands. I have small hands. The one they…

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Oh I Love a Snowy Night

Last night, it started snowing AGAIN while I was getting gas. I love how the snow looks like shooting stars. When I got home, I snapped these pictures looking out onto the backyard. It’s difficult to see, but it was still snowing. I like how you can see the living/dining room superimposed on the image.…

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Here We Snow Again

I’m starting to think I won’t see grass until June. Here in Cleveland,as in a large part of the nation, we’re in the midst of another winter storm (called Winter Storm Landon or Groundhog Snowstorm this time). It started with rain yesterday, which melted some of the snow from the previous storms. It was still…

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Let It Snow!

For the last few weeks here in Cleveland we’ve been promised snow storms. It appears that the third time was indeed the “charm”. The last two times, we had predictions in excess of six inches. We not nothing. This time, it started snowing Sunday night. When I woke up on Monday morning, there was nearly…

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Long Time, No Write

So it’s been a crazy six weeks here in the Marks’ household. I picked up an upper respiratory infection from one of the babies at work right before Thanksgiving. I was sick for a solid week. I was supposed to run the Pigskin Classic 5K. That didn’t happen. I never got my Ohio State tee…

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Ballet Cat

I saw Ivory standing by the cat tower the other day. When I looked at her feet, her front paws looked like they were in second position. As soon as I took the picture, she shifted into first position. She is a lady of many talents.

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A Girl and Her Cat

This was taken after a marathon brushing session with Gidgette. You can see the hair that came off of her sitting on the coffee table. I swear, there was enough hair their to make another cat (or a very luxurious toupee).

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