The Cats’ Christmas Gifts

The cats got a condo for an early Christmas present. What an adventure that was.

I ordered one from Amazon. I got it a few days later. When I went to put it together, it was missing half of the hardware. I called (!!)) Amazon and they said they would send a new one. They also arranged for a UPS pickup since the thing weighed 35 pounds.

UPS picked it up the next day. A few days later, a replacement arrived. Or what I thought was a replacement. I opened it and it was the SAME TREE I just sent back. I called Amazon again. This time I told them I no longer wanted it because I ordered one from Chewy. The person said fine and sent UPS again.

Silly me. I thought it was the end of it. Boy was wrong. A few days later, there was a huge box on the porch. It was another one. I called Amazon yet again. I was clearly frustrated one the phone trying to explain this to the person. In the end he told me I could keep the one they sent and refunded my credit card.

I did apologize to the person and told him it wasn’t his fault. I’ve not worked in a call center, but I was a cashier in a grocery store. I know how people take out thing on people who can’t really do anything about it. Let’s face it. He has a crappy job.

So what to do with this cat condo? I certainly didn’t need it. My brother Bill already had one (I ended up getting the same one). In the end, I put it on Freecycle. It was gone in two days. It would have gone sooner, but the first person flaked.

Here they are…. I put Gidgette in just to get a picture. She really isn’t into it. I think she’s having pain from arthritis in her hips because she doesn’t seem to want to jump up on things. Ivory, on the other hand, loves it. I’ve seen her in the lower hammock, the box and the platform she’s sitting on. I haven’t seen her on the very top.

They also got a stocking with some wet food, treats and new food bowls.

A belated Merry Christmas from Mighty Kool Kats, Gidgette, Ivory and their servant (aka Kathryn Kat)!!

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Hello all!

My name is Kathryn. I live in suburban Cleveland. I have 2 cats, who are my kids. I work in early childhood education, specializing in infants at a local childcare center. I’ve also worked with preschoolers and school aged kids there. I used to be an ESL teacher in South Korea.

I love to bake. My coworkers get to be my taste testers. I enjoy coloring, and I even participate in a coloring Meet Up group. I’m a fan of all kinds of music, but country is my favorite. I started taking a tap class at a local dance studio. Ginger Rogers, I’m not. But I’m holding my own after *mumble years* away from it.

My kitties, Gidgette and Ivory, are my favorite models for my photography. I play around with photo editors to create what I call “Works of Art”. I’m not very good at it, but I do it anyway.

Please visit me at Mighty Kool Kat. You can find my links to social media there.

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