The Lion King

I saw the Lion King at Playhouse Square on Sunday. I can only say it was amazing! When those 18 foot giraffes came out I literally let out a gasp. To think that there were people up there just boggled my mind.

At one point, they made a reference to Cleveland mustard. The crowd laughed. There were also references to Twitter and Angry Birds.

Shortly after the Lion King was released way back when, there was a CD called “Rhythm of the Pride Land”. The show included one (maybe two, I can’t remember). The song I immediately recognized was “He Lives in You”.

I loved the choreography. It gave a convincing feeling of movement by the dancers who were portraying plants. There were a few moments where the lions looked like they were grooming themselves.

The woman playing Rafiki was outstanding. The actress made the role her own. I feel like Rafiki played a larger part in the live version, as opposed to the movie.

I was so happy to see that the three hyenas reprised their role. Removing them from the remake of the movie, let a big part of the story out. The mask Ed was wearing even had a pink tongue hanging out.

There were some new scenes added. One was with Nala singing about being a strong woman.

I don’t remember the original movie being so pun-y. There was also some humor for the adults.

I totally recommend seeing the Broadway version if you can. I feel like I could see it 10 more times and still find something new.

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Hello all!

My name is Kathryn. I live in suburban Cleveland. I have 2 cats, who are my kids. I work in early childhood education, specializing in infants at a local childcare center. I’ve also worked with preschoolers and school aged kids there. I used to be an ESL teacher in South Korea.

I love to bake. My coworkers get to be my taste testers. I enjoy coloring, and I even participate in a coloring Meet Up group. I’m a fan of all kinds of music, but country is my favorite. I started taking a tap class at a local dance studio. Ginger Rogers, I’m not. But I’m holding my own after *mumble years* away from it.

My kitties, Gidgette and Ivory, are my favorite models for my photography. I play around with photo editors to create what I call “Works of Art”. I’m not very good at it, but I do it anyway.

Please visit me at Mighty Kool Kat. You can find my links to social media there.

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